VAMA was founded in 1958 and therefore we recently celebrated 60 years of activity.

We have always considered the company our "big sister", much-loved by our father who was its founder and an important presence for many years. So since we were little girls we have lived and breathed every event and it has been natural for us to carry on with this beautiful and creative activity which, if on the one hand uses up and occupies many hours of our days, on the other fills us with great satisfaction. It is our custom to follow every working step from the choice of fabrics to production control which all takes place within the company, from planning deliveries to the nice and friendly rapport that we have with Customers. And, of course, the creation of each COLLECTION.

Flicking through the catalogues it is difficult to imagine how much of the team's work and commitment there is behind the models photographed. Every item is the result of tests and modifications until achieving the best result for us. And every year when a collection is finished we are already thinking about the next one and every time we seem to have no more ideas, nothing to give, nothing to achieve. Then, model after model, day after day, our enthusiasm is rekindled along with that of our employees and the sample room is filled once more with shapes and colours. This is how each of our COLLECTIONS is born, which we present in our CATALOGUES reserved for schools and teachers only and which you can request from us by completing the appropriate form.

Our products are sold exclusively through catalogues with no middle men, to maintain our direct relationship with Customers and minimise costs. The passion and competence gained over many years of work make us a point of reference for our loyal Clients.

Laila e Danila